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Keeping kids safe online is a top priority for many parents. There are several apps and tools designed to help with this. It’s important for parents to carefully review the features and settings before choosing any app, to ensure they align with their specific needs and concerns. In addition to apps for keeping kids safe online, open communication with children about online safety is also crucial for fostering a healthy and responsible approach to internet use.

Software intended to shield children from stuff that is improper for their age is known as parental control software. Parental control software usually block certain sorts of internet content, such as those that are pornographic, feature violent content, or advertise alcohol sales.

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List of Popular Apps For Keeping Kids Safe Online

  • Net Nanny is a comprehensive parental control solution that offers features like content filtering, time management, and social media monitoring. It allows parents to block inappropriate content and set up custom rules for internet usage.
  • Qustodio is a parental control app that provides real-time internet filtering and the ability to set time limits on device usage. It also has a social monitoring feature, allowing parents to keep track of their child’s social media activity.
  • Norton Family, provided by Norton Antivirus, offers features such as content filtering, time supervision, and location tracking. It helps parents keep an eye on their child’s online activities and block inappropriate content.
  • Kaspersky Safe Kids helps parents manage their child’s screen time, block harmful content, and track their location. It also provides notifications when kids try to access prohibited websites.
  • Family Link is Google’s solution for managing children’s device usage. It allows parents to set screen time limits, review app usage, and remotely lock the device. It works on both Android and iOS devices.
  • Bark is a monitoring app that uses artificial intelligence to analyze text messages, emails, and social media for signs of potential issues such as cyberbullying, online predators, or self-harm. Parents receive alerts if any concerning content is detected.
  • Circle is a device management tool that allows parents to set time limits for individual apps and websites. It also provides content filtering and allows parents to pause the internet for specific devices.
  • Mobicip is a parental control app that offers content filtering, screen time management, and location tracking. It supports multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS.
  • OurPact allows parents to set screen time limits, block specific apps, and schedule device-free time. It is available for both iOS and Android devices.
  • SafeToNet is designed to protect children from online threats such as cyberbullying and predatory behavior. It uses artificial intelligence to detect and block harmful content in real-time.

Using Encryption for Safe Online Communications

Kids live in a digital age and they use online communications platforms to do homework, play games, create art, and communicate with pals. It is our responsibility to protect every child’s online safety. Encryption safeguards private family images kept on cloud accounts; keeps messages sent by a youngster to their friends on messaging apps private, and stops others from reading or listening in; prevents objectionable content from being targeted and examined for ad profiling.

Any type of encryption where the message is only readable by the sender and the intended receiver, is known as end-to-end encryption. No third party has a key to access the communication, not even by the company offering the communication service. The safest type of encryption available is end-to-end encryption. Encryption safeguards and protects kids from Grooming (message requests from unknown users), exposure to harmful content, and from CSAM (child sexual abuse material). It’s important to note that while encryption is a powerful tool for protecting data, it is just one aspect of a comprehensive security strategy, which may include other measures like access controls, authentication, and regular security audits.